Lies about the Tour

From Album to Stage: The Visual Odyssey of 'Lies about the Tour'
Jacob Banks/Nobody Records
July 2022
Website Design & Build
Campaign Identity
Campaign Assets
Creative Director: Joshua Darby, Tour Photography: Meg Meyer

Following our successful collaboration on his album 'Lies about the War,' our partnership continued to flourish as we took on the monumental task of crafting the visual identity and creative direction for the 'Lies about the Tour' world tour in 2022-2023. This case study delves into the remarkable creative journey that unfolded as we translated Banks' musical storytelling into an immersive and captivating live experience that left audiences worldwide spellbound.

The opportunity

As our partnership with Jacob Banks continued to flourish following the successful 'Lies about the War' album collaboration, an exciting opportunity emerged. The 'Lies about the Tour' presented us with the canvas to further evolve and expand upon the visual identity we had crafted for the album. Building on the emotive and captivating imagery of 'Lies about the War,' we had the privilege of translating this visual narrative into a dynamic, immersive live experience that would resonate with audiences around the world.

The 'Lies about the Tour' was no ordinary concert series; it was a sprawling world tour that would stretch its artistic wings across four continents – South America, North America, Europe, and Africa. With nearly 50 shows in the lineup, this tour promised to be an extraordinary journey that would connect Jacob Banks with a diverse global audience.

The scale and scope of this endeavor were immense, offering us a chance to create a lasting impact on a truly global scale.

What we did

We began by crafting a unified visual identity that seamlessly extended the emotive narrative of 'Lies about the War.' This identity served as the cornerstone for the tour's marketing and promotional materials, creating a consistent and captivating experience for fans globally.

To unveil and promote the tour, we conceived a cinematic announcement video that not only revealed the tour dates but also ignited excitement and anticipation among fans. Larger shows were adorned with flagship promotions that etched unforgettable memories into the hearts of concert-goers. Each venue on the tour would receive individual posters for specific promotion.

We extended our offering by designing the tour merchandise, featuring hoodies and t-shirts. These items transcended mere memorabilia; they became wearable extensions of the tour's distinctive identity, allowing fans to carry a piece of the experience with them.

Recognising the importance of Jacob Banks' online presence, we proposed and executed a website redesign and build. Our main goal was to streamline the booking process, allowing customers to filter shows by region, improving the user experience, and increasing ticket sales.

The outcome

In summary, our collaborative journey alongside Jacob Banks for 'Lies about the Tour' encompassed a comprehensive array of creative endeavors, each meticulously designed to elevate the tour into a compelling visual and experiential masterpiece. Rooted in the emotive storytelling of 'Lies about the War,' our efforts were geared towards leaving an enduring impact on Jacob Banks' devoted fan base.

The 'Lies about the Tour' was nothing short of a resounding triumph. A significant majority of the tour's shows sold out, demonstrating the immense resonance of Banks' music and the captivating allure of the visual and experiential elements we introduced. Critics lauded the tour for its immersive and emotionally charged experience, further solidifying its place in the hearts of music enthusiasts.

On the digital front, social media platforms were ablaze with fans proudly donning the tour merchandise. This not only contributed to heightened fan engagement but also transformed the merchandise into an emblem of the tour's identity. Additionally, the response to the website's redesign and streamlined booking system was overwhelmingly positive, making it easier for fans to secure their tickets and engage with the tour's offerings seamlessly.

In essence, 'Lies about the Tour' was a testament to the harmonious marriage of music and visual artistry. It not only echoed the essence of 'Lies about the War' but also left a lasting impression on audiences around the world, reinforcing the power of storytelling through immersive experiences.

"Question Marque delivered once again with 'Lies about the Tour' ident and the new website."

Jordan Stein

Artist Manager & Co-founder Nobody Records

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