Building a motion led Identity for 'L17' - A New Content Platform.
L17/UTC Group
March 2023
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Creative Director: Joshua Darby (Question Marque), Internal Team — Creative Director: David Geli (UTC Group), Anthony Williams (UTC Group), Head of Digital: Chike Orakwue
EntertainmentInternal Team — Creative Director: David Geli (UTC Group), Anthony Williams (UTC Group), Head of Digital: Chike Orakwue

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment, the debut of 'L17' stands as a groundbreaking moment in the industry. 'L17,' a brand-new digital platform for original comedic content, harnessing the wealth of in-house talent from UTC Group, embarked on a mission to cement itself as the ultimate hub for innovative, engaging, and downright hilarious content experiences.

Acknowledging the critical importance of a captivating brand identity to establish a meaningful connection with its intended audience and shine brightly within the bustling digital domain, 'L17' approached Question Marque to embark on an exhilarating journey of it's inception.

The opportunity

In a world where content consumption was on an exponential rise, 'L17' astutely recognised an exceptional opportunity within the digital content market. It was evident that the audience's appetite extended beyond mere entertainment; they hungered for content that could genuinely captivate and inspire. 'L17' embarked on the challenge of not merely becoming another content aggregator but of crafting a brand that could establish profound connections with its users, epitomise excellence, and pioneer innovation.

What we did

As the design agency responsible for shaping 'L17's' brand identity, our journey encompassed several pivotal phases:

Our voyage began with the creation of a comprehensive brand strategy. This involved delving deep into 'L17's' target audience, meticulously defining its market positioning, and crystallising the brand's unique value proposition. Through exhaustive research and meticulous analysis, we unearthed invaluable insights that would serve as the guiding star for every facet of the brand's identity.

The subsequent step involved articulating 'L17's' core messaging and values. In close collaboration with UTC, 'L17's' parent company, we ensured perfect alignment with the overarching corporate mission. This synergy not only endowed 'L17' with a distinctive identity but also seamlessly integrated it with the broader organisational objectives.

Crafting a memorable visual identity assumed paramount significance. We meticulously sculpted a visual identity suite that encompassed a captivating logo, a harmonious colour palette, a unique typography system, and striking graphic elements. The design emanated from the platform's unwavering commitment to innovation, employing dynamic shapes and vibrant colours to evoke a palpable sense of boundless energy and excitement.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of motion in the digital content landscape, we extended the brand's visual identity into motion guidelines. This empowered 'L17' to maintain a steadfast and captivating presence in video content, thereby elevating the overall user experience.

To ensure uniformity and cohesion across all digital touchpoints, we meticulously crafted comprehensive online digital guidelines. These guidelines served as an unwavering compass for the 'L17' team, providing precise instructions on the strategic deployment of brand assets across diverse platforms and mediums.

Our journey further extended to encompass the design and development of the 'L17' website. This digital haven was carefully constructed to echo the brand's identity and provide an intuitive and immersive user experience. Additionally, we curated an impressive array of launch assets, including captivating social media graphics and promotional materials, igniting anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the grand unveiling of the 'L17' platform.

Recognising the pivotal role of social media and video content in today's digital landscape, we equipped 'L17' with meticulously designed templates tailored for their YouTube channel and social media platforms. These templates not only ensured consistent brand representation but also streamlined the creation of engaging and cohesive content. Furthermore, we crafted custom YouTube end cards, strategically designed to foster enhanced user engagement and boost subscriptions.

The outcome

In the few short months since their inception, 'L17' has amassed tens of thousands of views and earning a sterling reputation for its diverse roster of creators. Renowned household names like Mo Gilligan, Babatunde Aleshe, and Eddie Kadi have featured, adding star power and further elevating its appeal.

With new original shows and series already in the pipeline, 'L17's' future shines brightly. The platform has not only captured the attention of a growing audience but has also carved a unique niche in the digital content landscape. As they continue to expand their offerings and collaborations, 'L17' is poised for an exciting journey ahead, promising even greater success in the world of digital content creation.

"Working with Josh and Question Marque has been a pleasure from conception to completion on various projects. They take on board our ideas and push the boundaries from what we expected visually. Our partnership with Question Marque will long continue and we’re excited to see what future ideas they help us envision."

David Geli

Co-Founder, UTC Group

"I couldn't be more thrilled with Question Marque's incredible work in helping us launch L17. Their creative genius brought our vision to life with stunning graphics and designs that truly captured the essence of our brand. Their attention to detail, quick turnaround, and ability to translate our ideas into visual masterpieces were nothing short of remarkable.

Anthony Williams

Creative Director, UTC Group

"Working with Question Marque was such an amazing relief. They met our needs and helped create a brand that I know will live for a long time.

We will most definitely continue to use Question Marque for the foreseeable future."

Chike Orakwue

Head of Digital, UTC Group

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